The Hershey Symphony Foundation

The Hershey Symphony Orchestra Foundation was incorporated in 1998 as a non-profit organization for the sole purpose of receiving, holding and investing permanent gifts in an endowment for the benefit of the Hershey Symphony Orchestra Society.  A board of directors governs the Foundation, which distributes funds on a regular basis to the Hershey Symphony Orchestra Society.  In addition to making cash gifts to support the general operating fund of the society, you can also contribute gifts to the Foundation that are then invested over time.  This way, your gift can support the Symphony long into the future. Inclusion of the Symphony in your financial planning may increase income from assets, reduce taxes, and enhance the transfer of wealth while you join others in building a stronger future for one of the premier volunteer Symphony organizations in the nation.  For further information on how you can participate in the long-term financial support of the orchestra through its Foundation, write or call:

Hershey Symphony Orchestra Foundation
PO Box 93, Hershey, PA  17033
(717) 533-8449

Brooke Petersen, Chair
Karen M. Paris, Vice-Chair
Matt Frye, Secretary
Laurence A. Kilpatrick, CPA, Treasurer

Laurence M. Demers
Peter Graybash
Matt Heinz
Behjat Noori
Sheldon H. Parker
Neal Rhoads
Charles A. Turner, CFP

Honorary Members
Gregory K. Richards, J.D., CPA, Honorary Member, Investment Advisor
Col (ret) David C. White

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